Can plaquenil cause a negative ana

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    Can plaquenil cause a negative ana

    After only 6 weeks, and barely taking half of the supplement "prescription", because I started having reflux, etc. Not entirely sure yet, and to be fair - I've been on Plaquenil since last December. Along with flare and had to back off the vitamins numerous times - nevertheless my cholesterol profile improved tremendously (triglycerides alone came down a whopping 400 points! The doctor cites the malabsorption due to the celiac as the main reason for my osteoporosis and what he called "adult rickets", and my bad cholesterol profile, especially triglycerides comes from Vit B deficiency.

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    But have been on Medrol, Plaquenil, and only a short time of Cellcept. My ANA went neg. But since they weaned me from 10 mg Medrol to 8- then had the eye problems, chills, diarrhea, etc, then to 6 mg, again with chills, eye problems, etc, the ANA went to 40 then 80 which I know is very low compared to before, but why does it do this? Certain medications can also cause an ANA test to be positive as can some infections and liver diseases. A positive ANA isn’t specific for lupus, since the test can also be positive with other autoimmune diseases as well. If an ANA test is negative, the diagnosis of SLE is less likely, but the small possibility of having the disease is still. Doctors give trusted answers on uses, effects, side-effects, and cautions Dr. Krauser on ana still positive on plaquenil You are describing positive tests for auto antibodies. The differential diagnosis can be extensive. I am assuming a rheumatologist has ordered these tests? You need f/u with them to educate you what they mean, what further tests may need to be done and review your symptoms.

    I've had less aches and pains since taking triple strength fish oil. Still get fatigued and seem to have flares involving my stomach every 1 - 2 weeks since starting all of this, so I'm investigating and trying to rule out possible causes of that (one of which might be the pharmacy's switch to a different manufacturer of my generic Plaquenil that occurred at the same time). I've been doing a lot of reading and information gathering regarding celiac disease and autoimmune disease and there are so many links! ) My Vit D improved from 17 to 26 (I barely took any Vit D) a high parathyroid level returned to a normal range, and my ANA was negative for the first time in 3 years. I've never been able to stay on a statin drug - all caused major side effects.

    Can plaquenil cause a negative ana

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  7. But Plaquenil could help someone ANA-negative for a few reasons that I've read about. First, maybe you do have positive ANA & positive autoantibodies, but all your bloodwork was done when those levels had fallen. Then there's that rare kind of SLE called Ro-lupus. Also, in the discoid lupus "subset", people remain ANA-negative.

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    Plaquenil can also cause your test results to be inaccurate as it works as an anti-inflamatory for an auto-immune disease lupus, aps. Just know that ANA tests arent always accurate. The levels can vary from week to week depending on your body or a flare up/non flare up. Maybe my ANA went negative because of the Plaquenil.with the other changes, I'm inclined to believe it had quite a lot, if not everything to do with the dietary changes. There was one negative to all the improved bloodwork, and that is that my CRP actually increased doubled, really. Doctors give trusted answers on uses, effects, side-effects, and cautions Dr. Friedlander on positive ana on plaquenil One of the things that's frustrating about these antibody tests looking for different connective tissue diseases is that they are difficult to do and are fraught with pitfalls.

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    Chloroquine and/or Proguanil - Fit for Travel Chloroquine and/or Proguanil A - Be Aware When There is a Risk However Small. Find out if there is a malaria risk in the area you are visiting. Aspects of travel may increase the risk e.g. rural travel, rainy season or unscreened accommodation.

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